Benefits of incorporating the Ab Roller into your workouts

The Ab Roller is an amazing product for promoting your overall health and fitness. The ab roller not only strengthens your core, there are over 20 muscles used in this exercise which are all put under stress. The ab wheel can make you more athletic and reduce health implications like back pain by strengthening the surrounding muscles. In today's blog I will be discussing the benefits of incorporating the Ab Roller into your workouts. 
One of the biggest benefits of using an ab roller is that the exercise works so many muscle groups. A lot of isolation ab exercises only put stress on the core muscles. This is beneficial for strengthening your ab muscles, but the ab roller incorporating more muscle groups will strengthen the abs, burn fat quicker, and improve your athleticism. Using the ab roller will build muscle and tone your muscles in your upper and lower back, shoulders, arms, thighs, and hips.
The ab roller can help reduce and eliminate back pain. The muscles around your abdomen and spine can sometimes contribute to some of the lower back health conditions people experience. Your abdominal muscles work together with your back muscles when lifting, bending, or straightening. With this connection, weak ab muscles can cause your lower back pain, as it encourages you to lean forward a lot. One of the best ways to minimize your back pain is by strengthening your abdominal muscles using exercise.  Use the ab roller a few times a week for a few sets and see dramatic improvements in the strength of your core and lumbar.
The core being the central link between your lower body and upper body means these muscles help stabilize your pelvis and spine. This, in turn, allows you to stretch, bend, move, or lift things with ease. Using an ab roller enables you to strengthen your abdominal muscles; thus making your core muscles stable. You use your abdominal muscles literally all day! From standing up to sitting straight, your ab muscles are responsible from aiding in almost any movement you make. Since this is the case, the core is one of, if not the most important muscle group in the body. Get your core strong today with an ab roller! 
I hope you enjoyed today’s blog on the benefits of incorporating the ab roller into your daily workouts. If you’re interested in previewing our ab roller, along with our various other fitness products, you can SHOP NOW!