Full Body Dumbbell Work Out

All you need are dumbbells to get that full body workout in! You need tons of equipment just to have all the muscles activated and strengthened.

We’ve found a full body dumbbell workout routine that will get you back in shape in no time. Don’t have a gym to go to? No problem! You can purchase your dumbbells here and start the workout routine ASAP.

We want you to be healthy and happy this 2021, so we’ll start you off with something to keep your whole body working. Check out the routine below.


First, we’ll start out with a Goblet Squat to get our joints in motion while building muscle in our lower body. Repeat.

Goblet Squat: Stand with your feet hip and shoulder width apart. Hold your dumbbell vertically with your hands underneath the top part of the weight. Keep your core tight, your back flat, and hold the dumbbell in contact with your body against the sternum and stomach. Bend into a squat position and then drive your heels into the ground to stand back up into the starting position.

Next, we will do a Dumbbell Deadlift that will build strength in your core, back, shoulders, and legs all at once.

Dumbbell Deadlift: Hold your dumbbells in front of you with an overhand grip. Your palms should be facing your body. Hinge over in a forward motion at your hips and slightly bend your knees, lowering the dumbbells to the floor. Make sure that your back does not round. Lift back up to the starting position. Repeat.

Our third exercise will be the Dumbbell Lunges. This works your quadriceps muscles right near the front of your thighs.

Dumbbell Lunges: Stand with a dumbbell in each hand. Your palms should be facing your thighs. Stand with your feet a little bit less than shoulder-width apart. Take one big step forward with either leg and bend at the knee until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Your heel should touch the floor. Your rear leg should be bent at the knee and balanced on the toes. Remember not to let the leg that you step forward with go past your toes. Step back into your standing position. Remember to inhale as you step and exhale when you stand back up. Repeat.

Next is the Flat Bench Dumbbell Press. This will work out your core, arms, and back.

 Flat Bench Dumbbell Press: Start with holding the dumbbells slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, above your shoulders. Your palms should be facing forward. Slowly bend your elbows until they are 90° angle and your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Once you hit that position, push the dumbbells up by straightening your arms and bring them back down. Repeat.

Our fifth exercise is the Dumbbell Overhead Press. Just like the last one, this will work your core, arms, and back.

Dumbbell Overhead Press: Hold a dumbbell in each hand shoulder height with an overhand grip. Your thumbs should be facing up. Push the weights up above your head in a controlled motion. Make sure to exhale while pushing the weight up. Pause at the top when your arms are extended, then bring the dumbbells back to shoulder height while exhaling. Repeat. You can also do this exercise while sitting down on a bench press.

The last exercise we have for you is the Dumbbell Lateral Raise. This will work your chest, core, shoulders, and arms.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise: Stand with a dumbbell in each hand. You should be holding the dumbbells by your side with the palms of your hands facing in. Your feet should be hip distance apart. Roll your shoulders back to engage your core and look ahead. Raise your arms simultaneously out to each side and pause. Bring them down and repeat. You can also do this exercise while sitting down.

There is your full body workout! We hope you can feel the burn all over. This is a great way to get in shape for the summer. It’s not too late to start. Need some dumbbells? We can get you started, just browse our site here!