Adjustable Dumbbell - Customer Reviews

Here are 10 customer reviews about our Adjustable Dumbbell.

Review name: Angelo T.

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Very happy with weights !!

Review description: I bought just one to see the quality and integrity, but happy to say I was very pleasantly surprised with the product !! They work very nicely, zero problems with them and has truly made a difference in being able to work out during Covid times...! Thank you !


Review name: John W. 

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Great Dumbbell! 

Review description: great dumbbell for workouts, only regret is not getting the full set


Review name: Nicolas Turcotte

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Perfect

Review description: They're amazing, pretty simple to use for at home training if you know what to do with them and a pretty good price compared to other adjustable dumbbells out there, I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for something to train at home.


Review nameGabriel C.

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Perfect for home gym

Review description: Received earlier than expected. Seems sturdy and good quality. Mechanism works flawlessly. Perfect for home gym.


Review name: Wes

Review stars: 4/5

Review title: Good product

Review description: They are really good quality and work excellently! I love them. Only issue was that the shipping took longer than expected. They are worth the money and are excellent quality. They did have a small mark/chip when they came so possible shipping accidents or manufacturing defects but it’s only aesthetic and otherwise they still work perfectly fine.


Review name: Ian Mitchell 

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Excellent product! 

Review description: I’d done a fair bit of research on adjustable weights before deciding in favor of these. I haven’t regretted the choice. They’ve completed changed our at home work out routines.


Review name: Max M.

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Exactly what I expected 

Review description: Received them today and just finished my first workout with them. They are exactly what I was hoping they would be. The product itself is easy to use and exactly what you expect. The grip is nice and they feel well balanced. 


Review name: AJ

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Good quality and easy to use

Review descriptionThe adjustable dumbbells are easy to use. I am enjoying my workouts. The build quality is good too.


Review name: Marlena Bowering

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Great addition to my little home gym

Review description: So far so good with these. Took sometime to get used to them but no complaints. Sucks that they went on sale ($70 off) after I ordered them but still a good deal rather than buying all them separately especially with all the price gouging going on right now. I thought they would be coming in kilograms but they came as pounds which is awesome for me.


Review name: Billy Anderson

Review stars: 5/5

Review title: Great so far!

Review description: Got them for Christmas. They shipped faster then expected and so far seem to be great!


As you can see from these reviews the Adjustable Dumbbell is a fantastic product worthy of your investment. If you are interested in purchasing a Adjustable Dumbbell set click here