What workout routine can you do 5 days a week with adjustable weight dumbbells?

My Gym USA’s adjustable weight dumbbells are a fantastic investment, especially if you're looking to get into fitness this year. With the uncertainty surrounding the re-opening of gyms amidst the ongoing pandemic, these adjustable dumbbells will fulfill all of your fitness needs. There are countless exercises you can do without weights, but adding these adjustable weights into your repertoire will ensure you are consistently challenging yourself. The adjustable dumbbell set takes on an ergonomic design, making it the most space-efficient product in the fitness industry. There is no point in covering your floor with expensive weights, bars, racks, and clips. Instead you can purchase one set of adjustable dumbbells which possess better functionality than 90% of fitness equipment in the industry. With just a simple turn of a dial, you can automatically change the dumbbells weighted resistance. This product is truly a game changer, you can save time, space, money, and energy with these dumbbells. In this blog I will be walking you through a 5 day / week workout routine, which I guarantee will help you achieve your dream physique. 

There are many different workout routines, and many of them will push you towards success. I’m going to be going through a beginner-intermediate routine which places emphasis on full body strength gains. If this routine is too easy for you be sure to increase volume and load (repetitions and weight) so you're always challenging yourself. The routine I will be covering is a 5/7 day schedule, the rest days are flexible, and the working days consist of a chest, back, legs, arms, and shoulder workouts. You can also combine these workouts into more condensed full body splits if you’re aiming to target specific muscle groups multiple times every week. An example of this would be a PPL (push, pull, legs) routine where you would workout your push muscles (chest, triceps, shoulders), pull muscles (back & biceps), and legs twice a week each, resulting in a 6/7 days a week schedule. I recommend you select whichever workout routine you feel driven to complete on a consistent basis. After all consistency is key when seeking results. 

Workout 1: The first workout is a chest workout. I would recommend warming up your chest and shoulders to avoid potential pectoral and rotator cuff injuries before you begin. Do this by dropping for some push ups and doing some light shoulder exercises (ex. arm circles, lateral raises, etc). The bulk of the workout will consist of dumbbell press, dumbbell chest flys, and incline/decline presses. Incorporate supersets and drop sets if you’re looking for an extra challenge! Keep in mind, the recommended sets per week for optimal muscle growth is between 10-20 sets a week, depending on the individual. Fewer than this can mean you are not pushing yourself hard enough, and vice versa, you do not want to be the victim of an injury resulting from over training. A good rule of thumb when aiming for muscle hypertrophy (growth) is to stay in the range of 3-4 sets/workout and 8-12 reps/set. Try out the previously stated exercises in these set and rep ranges, they promote superior muscle growth! 

Workout 2: The second workout is a back workout. Many avoid back workouts because they are exhausting and don’t necessarily give the “sexiest” muscle groups. With that being said, the back is one of the biggest muscle groups in the body, it stabilizes other muscle groups like your chest and legs when lifting heavy weight. So if you really wanna be strong, don’t skip back day. Exercises include: pronated and supinated grip rows, dumbbell single arm rows, dumbbell pullovers, rear delt flys, and good mornings. These exercises will promote growth in major muscle groups like your lats and rhomboids, giving a full muscular back. 

Workout 3: The third workout in this routine is a leg workout. Many non-athletes tend to skip leg day because they don’t see the value in getting muscular legs. What many don’t know is that the more muscle you have on your body, the more testosterone you produce. Testosterone is one of, if not the most important hormone your body produces to aid in muscle growth. So hitting leg day is instrumental for you to maximize your output during workouts. Leg workouts which can be done with the adjustable weight dumbbells include: deadlifts, squats, Romanian deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, lunges, calf raises, goblet squat, hip thrusts, and weighted wall sits. 

Workout 4: The fourth workout routine is an arm workout. Arm workouts are quite self-explanatory, the two movements are curling with your biceps and pushing with your triceps. Exercises you can do with the adjustable dumbbells include: alternating dumbbell curls, supinated and pronated dumbbell curls, hammer curls, triceps extensions, kickbacks, skullcrushers, and close grip dumbbell presses. Once again modify your set and rep ranges to stay within the 10-20 sets a week range.  

Workout 5: The final workout in this routine is shoulders! Shoulders are very important for those looking to build a well rounded physique. Exercises you can do with the adjustable dumbbells include: seated and standing overhead press, Arnold Schwarzenegger dumbbell presses, single arm shoulder press, front delt raises, lateral raises, and dumbbell around the worlds. 

Start progressing towards your dream body today! The adjustable weight dumbbells are the perfect purchase for anyone looking to get in shape this year!