7 Leg Workouts You Can Do With Dumbbells

Being consistently active is important for anyone to achieve. Specifically, working out your legs is definite must-do, not just because it makes your physical appearance look better, but due to the fact that your legs are what keeps you moving every single day! Our top-selling Heavy Duty Adjustable Dumbbells comes in two sizes (52lbs and 90lbs), and are just what you need on your crucial journey of building muscle in your lower body.
To save you the trouble of having to find the best leg workouts to do with dumbbells, I have broken them down for you already. Check them out below!



1. Goblet Squat
The goblet squat is an amazing beginner-friendly workout that allows you to load up on your squats, whilst also activating your core muscles. 
How to: begin by standing shoulder-width apart, holding the dumbbell vertically with both hands. Hold the weight vertical to your chest, with your elbows point to the floor. Then, push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower yourself into a squat. You then straighten yourself back up in order to complete one rep. To achieve the best results, be sure to not tilt forward when squatting and make sure your knees do not collapse inward.



2. Single-Leg Deadlift
This single-sided exercise targets your hamstrings, glutes, core muscles, back muscles, and helps you to achieve better balance. 
How to: Unlike the traditional deadlift, you raise one leg straight behind you when completing this variation of the exercise. Begin by standing with both your feet parallel to your hips. Place the dumbbell in the hand that is partnered to the leg being raised (ex. If you are raising your right leg, then hold the dumbbell in your right hand). Then, you bend the upper half of your body forward, whilst simultaneously raising one leg behind you. From that position, you straighten yourself back out in order to complete the rep. To achieve the best results, be sure to keep your legs straight and do not bend your knees.



3. Sumo Deadlift
This deadlift variation targets your glutes, hamstrings, and back muscles.
How to: With the sumo deadlift, you must take on a wide stance and lift the dumbbells (one in both hands) up from the floor. Your stance should be wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes should be pointing outward. Tighten your abdomen and lift dumbbells by straightening your legs and standing straight. To achieve the best results, be sure to keep your back straight and keep the weight on the heels.



4. Bulgarian Split Squat
This intense split squat variation really tests the strength of your front leg, upping the intensity of your workout and warding off muscle imbalances.
How to: Begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart, with a raised step or bench behind you. Extend one leg back and place your foot on the step behind you. Then, with a dumbbell in each of your hands at your side, bend your straightened leg until it hovers over the ground. You then straighten the leg you are standing on in order to complete the rep. To get the best results, the closer you stand to the bench the more the exercise targets your quads, however if you get too close it can result in knee discomfort.




5. Sumo Squat
The key difference in this squat compared to regular squats is that you take a wider stance and position your feet turned out. While all squats work the glutes, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings and calves, the leg positioning of the sumo squat works the inner thigh muscles as well.
How to: Just like the sumo deadlift, your stance should be wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes should be pointing outward. Then, holding one dumbbell vertically from the top with both hands, bend your knees and lower your body into a squat position. You then straighten yourself back up, and you have now just completed one rep. 




6. Isometric Calf Raise
This workout is amazing when it comes to working out your calves and obtaining more balance.
How to: Start by keeping your feet hip-width apart, with one dumbbell in each of your hands. With your hands and dumbbells hanging at your sides, keep the rest of your body still and raise yourself up with the tips of your toes. Hold this position for 30 seconds then lower your body back down.




7. Reverse Lunge
This staple unilateral exercise works your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.
How to: Unlike the traditional lunge, you step backwards instead of forward. You begin with your feet hip-width apart with a dumbbell in each hand at your sides. Step back with one foot and bend your knees until they are both bent at a 90 degree angle. You then push yourself back up with the foot stepped back with, and you have just completed one rep.



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