How long will this item take to arrive?

Delivery of the item takes approximately 15 to 45 business days due to the weight of the product. Items that are this heavy have to be shipped by alternative shipping methods and this process is slower than your average shipment. Additionally, due to COVID the shipping industry everywhere is experiencing delays.

Why is my tracking number not moving?

The status of the tracking number means the product is being shipped via special courier services and is in transit right now to the distribution facility. Since your package is heavy it has to be shipped through special courier service which is slower than the regular shipping service. Only when they reach the destination will they provide a shipping update.

Can I cancel my order?

If your order has already been shipped then we cannot cancel the order. If you are no longer interested in the product. Please return it once you get it and we will issue a full refund. We would be happy to help you with this process when the product arrives.

Can I change my Address?

If your order has already been shipped then we cannot change the address so please make sure your address is correct and accessible for a carrier.

Is the dumbbell brand BowFlexx?

No, our dumbbells are not BowFlexx, we have our own brand of adjustable dumbbells.

Wheres my tracking number?

Our first initial shipment leaving our warehouse does not include a tracking number for the order, tracking numbers are only provided for our second shipper who delivers the items to the distribution facility. (UPS, FedEx, etc.) Not to worry your item has been shipped even if you don’t receive a tracking number until much later. Feel free to inquire about your tracking number if it has been over a month with no tracking number provided.

What is included in the dumbbell set?

The set refers to: one dumbbell, the adjustable weights and the dumbbell stand.